Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long time no talk.....

Hey Everyone! Sorry, its been so long since I have been on. We had computer issues and were without one for a few weeks. However, we are now up and running again. I have so many things that I would like to post to the site so STAY TUNED.......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Mommy and Chayce

Go Hogs Go!

Papa Doyle with Brady and Chayce

Grandma Bettye and Chayce

Claire Ann Blocklyn

Cheese.... It's this such a cute picture!

She is saying "Hey! Handsome!"

Sarah, Claire Ann, Me and Chayce

Well, as you all know its been awhile since we came home. So we packed up the car and went to visit the family over the Labor day weekend. What a whirlwind it always. We came in Friday so we could go eat our favorite place, Taco Villa! We can't get enough of that place! We should open one up in NWA! ha.

While we were home we had a baby shower for Joel's cousin, Dana. Her baby was born premature at only 25 weeks. He weighed only 1pd 7 oz when he was born. But Baby Lucas is a fighter. He is now close to 4 pds and is improving everyday. No one still not sure when he will be able to come home but we are praying he will be home for the holidays!

It's always so hard to see friends when we are in town visiting the family, especially since we had Chayce. But it sure is NICE when you can squeeze a friend in! I had a great surprise over the weekend. One of my girlfriends who I went to school with was in town visiting her family too. She just had her second baby in March. Her baby girl, Claire Ann, was born just 3 days before Chayce. So, we took this opportunity to get together! How fun it was....the two of them are such HAMS! So cute! And of course Sara looked great too! We hope to see each other again soon, but this time in Texas when I go see my best friend, Lara.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Photos

What a good looking couple!

How sweet!


Chayce Barrett

Well this week Joel and I had our 3 year Anniversary! Before we went off to celebrate in Branson, we had our first family photo session. We have had several sessions of just Chayce but nothing with all three of us. I was not sure about even getting our picture made that morning because it was over cast but my photographer and husband talked me into it! I am SO GLAD they did because I think they turned out GREAT! I even had a few photos taken of Chayce in his outfit that Dede bought for him! He looked so cute in it....but will not be able to wear it again.....He is such a BIG BOY!

Chayce - 6 months old

Tomorrow Chayce will be 6 months old. WOW! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Today, Daddy and I took him to his baby wellness visit. While we were there we got all his looks like he is 26 1/2 inches long (55% percentile), 17cm around his head (35% percentile) and is weighing a hefty 18pds 15.5oz (77% percentile)...almost 19pds. This kid is such a HAM! He doesn't miss a meal....loves his mommy's milk!

While we were there Daddy and I also got our flu shot and pertussis shot so the family will be protected before Miss Kinley arrives in November 2009. Chayce will go back in two weeks to get the first round of the flu shot.

Next baby wellness visit will be when he is 9 months old.....stay tuned for the next update.